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Tricks For Organizing Your Home Office And ReClaiming Your Life
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It's Halloween!  Are you going to be out having fun with the kiddies?  Or buried in your home office with too much work to do?  You can't let the little angels (or devils, ice princesses, horned faries, Star Lords, Toothless Night Furys or Hiccups) down. Get organized and go out trick or treating!  Here's my Tip of the Day to help you regain your time and energy: get your home office organized, productive and efficient.  If you're not spending time trying to find everything, you'll have more time to enjoy those special moments (like Halloween) with your family.


Who wouldn't want one of these high quality, American Made Shaker Bookcases to help organize their home office?  This large Modern Shaker Home Office Center Cabinet has room for all your books, software and files and even a flower vase or candy dish to keep you smiling all day long.


Check out these solid wood bookcases with glass doors.  Handcrafted in Burlington Vermont, they are modular and can be customized to fit perfectly into your space.  The dark colored bookcase on the left is crafted with top quality black walnut wood and the bookshelves on the right are made with real solid cherry wood.

Here are a number of handcrafted stand alone bookcases: tall, narrow bookcases, Vermont Shaker bookcases, custom Shaker bookshelves with glass doors and custom Shaker bookshelves with solid with wood doors.  All are hand made in America (Vermont actually) and guaranteed to inspire you to a higher level of organization and job satisfaction!

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