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Cherry Wood Beds: Vermont's Top 3 Designs
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If you're looking for handmade, real, natural cherry wood beds, Vermont is the Go-To place to shop.  Home owners from all around the USA flock to the Green Mountain state every fall to attend the Vermont Fine Furniture Festival in Woodstock, VT.  And the wood of choice that sits center stage at the Festival is American black cherry or just "cherry".

My #1 very favorite cherry bed is the Cherry Moon bed shown above.  It's design is so simple and elegant. It has smooth arches in the headboard and footboard and a contemporary, reverse tapered leg with a rounded edge. The bed is built to order in Vermont using sustainably harvested cherry wood. It can be ordered with optional underbed storage units.

My #2 favorite cherry bed is this Vermont Shaker Moon bed.  It's made in Montpelier, VT by the same craftsman as the cherry moon bed, but it has a much more traditional Shaker style. It too, can be ordered with optional underbed storage.

shaker-pencil-post-bed_01In 3rd place, I have this lovely pencil post style cherry Shaker bed.  It's a traditional, colonial style bed with an optional canopy.

Why do Vermont craftsmen love to work with natural cherry wood so much?  And why do our customers seek it out as their #1 choice for Vermont style furniture?  Perhaps because it's a strong, durable hardwood that can basically stand up to normal use and abuse for 100 years or more.  Or maybe because cherry has such a beautiful deep, rich reddish brown color.  Or is it the smooth supple surface that, when finished properly is as soft as a baby's brow?

Is It Real, Natural Cherry Wood?

Customers searching for cherry wood beds are often exhausted by the time they find us at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture Store.  That's because most "cherry wood beds" they've been looking at are not made of cherry at all.  They're made of poplar or alder or rubberwood or any number of fast-growing species from Asia, South America and even Russia.  The wood is often illegally clear-cut from the rainforest, then bleached, texturized and stained to look like cherry.  Companies like Wayfair, Crate and Barrel, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Macy’s and JC Penny’s are all well known for the bait and switch strategy that revolves around cherry wood.

If finding the real thing is important to you when shopping for the bed you're going to spend a third of your life in, there's no reason to compromise.  Shop our online furniture store today, come visit us at our beautiful Stonehurst shopping destination or make a plan to attend the next  Vermont Fine Furniture Festival.

Sweet dreams!


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