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Organic Furniture: Handmade in Vermont
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You Know Where Your Organic Food Comes From

The organic food movement has been around for over a century and has picked up steam over the last couple decades.  People have become more aware of where their food comes from. Vermont is at the epicenter of the organic food movement, boasting more than 65 farmers markets.  Eating healthy, sustainably grown food is a way of life in Vermont.

Organic Furniture: From Sustainably Harvested Wood

Of course, Vermont's fresh, local food is prepared and served on kitchen and dining room tables.  So... where do the tables come from?  Are they made with sustainably harvested wood?  I think the next step for the organic movement is into the world of organic furniture. And Vermont is leading the way.  Last count there were some 2000 small wood furniture makers scattered across Vermont. Although the styles and methods of craftsmanship are quite varied, these furniture makers have in common a deep respect for the forest where their wood furniture originates.

I haven't been able to find a definition for organic furniture yet but I do think Vermont would logically be the place to start. Vermont woodworkers have a long history of sustainable woodworking, sourcing their wood from our local forests abundant in native hardwoods like maple, oak, ash, cherry and birch. And we avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Vermont's sustainable forests, relying instead on Mother Nature to regenerate after careful selective harvesting.

Non Toxic Furniture Finishes

When it comes to applying a finish to Vermont's furniture, you'll be hard-pressed to find harsh chemicals with high levels of VOCs or formaldehyde. Instead furniture makers use natural linseed oil finishes, clear non-toxic lacquers and even a natural coating made from whey (a recycled byproduct of our dairy industry).

Farm to Table

In Vermont, Farm to Table actually includes organic handcrafted tables, made with local sustainably harvested wood.  Check out the Naked Table project in Woodstock, Vermont for details.  Interested in creating your own organic table?  You'll find projects and workshops on the Naked Table website.  You can even arrange a corporate event for your organization or community.  Find out more about organic tables today!


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