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Buying Mission & Craftsman Style Furniture: Top 3 Tips From Online Shoppers
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Shopping online for top quality Mission, Craftsman and Arts & Crafts Style Furniture can be a daunting task.  Initial google searches are bound to turn up hundreds of furniture companies, styles, price ranges and quality.  But savvy shoppers will focus on a few basic characteristics that they can narrow the field with.  Below our customers share the Top 3 criteria they've used to find the right Mission, Craftsman and Arts & Crafts style furniture for their homes.

mission-craftsman-sideboards Made in America Quality: It Really Does Make a Difference

Furniture that's made in America has several benefits over imported:

  • It's made of legal, sustainably harvested wood from well managed forests.  Many imports are made from illegally harvested wood that's clear cut from the world's precious (and rapidly disappearing) rainforests

  • USA made furniture is crafted by skilled professionals, providing jobs and a good quality of life for craftspeople and American communities

  • High quality, American made hardwood furniture is crafted to the USA's high standards for environmental safety & health.  Families can rest assured there is no lead or or other toxic materials in the paint or coatings used on American made furniture

craftsman-furnitureSolid Wood vs Veneers: Understand the Difference

Both solid woods and veneers can be great materials when used in the proper application.  Although Vermont has a long history of producing solid wood furniture, we know several craftsmen who prefer to incorporate high quality veneers into their designs.  This is done when veneers are the best choice for a particular design, rather than simply the most economical choice.  For instance, the curved back panel of the Copeland Catalina Bed must be a veneer because it would be structurally impossible to build it out of solids.

Legitimate online stores retailing high end wood furniture will explain construction details for each product, including and especially the use of solid woods versus veneers.  We urge you to read through the information presented and call a trained sales representative with your questions.

mission-craftsman-arts-crafts-furnitureMade to Order Furniture vs Manufactured & Warehoused

You've been waiting many years (maybe even decades!) for the perfect set of high quality furniture to grace your home.  Once you've found the furniture you've been dreaming of, can you wait a couple more months to have it handmade especially for you and your family?  If you can, you will be rewarded for your patience!  You'll find there's something about handcrafted furniture that brings your dining room or bedroom alive with warmth and charm.  Custom crafted furniture is worth waiting for.


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