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Tricks For Organizing Your Home Office And ReClaiming Your Life
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It's Halloween!  Are you going to be out having fun with the kiddies?  Or buried in your home office with too much work to do?  You can't let the little angels (or devils, ice princesses, horned faries, Star Lords, Toothless Night Furys or Hiccups) down. Get organized and go out trick or treating!  Here's my Tip of the Day to help you regain your time and energy: get your home office organized, productive and efficient.  If you're not spending time trying to find everything, you'll have more time to enjoy those special moments (like Halloween) with your family.


Who wouldn't want one of these high quality, American Made Shaker Bookcases to help organize their home office?  This large Modern Shaker Home Office Center Cabinet has room for all your books, software and files and even a flower vase or candy dish to keep you smiling all day long.


Check out these solid wood bookcases with glass doors.  Handcrafted in Burlington Vermont, they are modular and can be customized to fit perfectly into your space.  The dark colored bookcase on the left is crafted with top quality black walnut wood and the bookshelves on the right are made with real solid cherry wood.

Here are a number of handcrafted stand alone bookcases: tall, narrow bookcases, Vermont Shaker bookcases, custom Shaker bookshelves with glass doors and custom Shaker bookshelves with solid with wood doors.  All are hand made in America (Vermont actually) and guaranteed to inspire you to a higher level of organization and job satisfaction!

Cherry Wood Beds: Vermont's Top 3 Designs
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If you're looking for handmade, real, natural cherry wood beds, Vermont is the Go-To place to shop.  Home owners from all around the USA flock to the Green Mountain state every fall to attend the Vermont Fine Furniture Festival in Woodstock, VT.  And the wood of choice that sits center stage at the Festival is American black cherry or just "cherry".

My #1 very favorite cherry bed is the Cherry Moon bed shown above.  It's design is so simple and elegant. It has smooth arches in the headboard and footboard and a contemporary, reverse tapered leg with a rounded edge. The bed is built to order in Vermont using sustainably harvested cherry wood. It can be ordered with optional underbed storage units.

My #2 favorite cherry bed is this Vermont Shaker Moon bed.  It's made in Montpelier, VT by the same craftsman as the cherry moon bed, but it has a much more traditional Shaker style. It too, can be ordered with optional underbed storage.

shaker-pencil-post-bed_01In 3rd place, I have this lovely pencil post style cherry Shaker bed.  It's a traditional, colonial style bed with an optional canopy.

Why do Vermont craftsmen love to work with natural cherry wood so much?  And why do our customers seek it out as their #1 choice for Vermont style furniture?  Perhaps because it's a strong, durable hardwood that can basically stand up to normal use and abuse for 100 years or more.  Or maybe because cherry has such a beautiful deep, rich reddish brown color.  Or is it the smooth supple surface that, when finished properly is as soft as a baby's brow?

Is It Real, Natural Cherry Wood?

Customers searching for cherry wood beds are often exhausted by the time they find us at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture Store.  That's because most "cherry wood beds" they've been looking at are not made of cherry at all.  They're made of poplar or alder or rubberwood or any number of fast-growing species from Asia, South America and even Russia.  The wood is often illegally clear-cut from the rainforest, then bleached, texturized and stained to look like cherry.  Companies like Wayfair, Crate and Barrel, Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Macy’s and JC Penny’s are all well known for the bait and switch strategy that revolves around cherry wood.

If finding the real thing is important to you when shopping for the bed you're going to spend a third of your life in, there's no reason to compromise.  Shop our online furniture store today, come visit us at our beautiful Stonehurst shopping destination or make a plan to attend the next  Vermont Fine Furniture Festival.

Sweet dreams!

Organic Furniture: Handmade in Vermont
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You Know Where Your Organic Food Comes From

The organic food movement has been around for over a century and has picked up steam over the last couple decades.  People have become more aware of where their food comes from. Vermont is at the epicenter of the organic food movement, boasting more than 65 farmers markets.  Eating healthy, sustainably grown food is a way of life in Vermont.

Organic Furniture: From Sustainably Harvested Wood

Of course, Vermont's fresh, local food is prepared and served on kitchen and dining room tables.  So... where do the tables come from?  Are they made with sustainably harvested wood?  I think the next step for the organic movement is into the world of organic furniture. And Vermont is leading the way.  Last count there were some 2000 small wood furniture makers scattered across Vermont. Although the styles and methods of craftsmanship are quite varied, these furniture makers have in common a deep respect for the forest where their wood furniture originates.

I haven't been able to find a definition for organic furniture yet but I do think Vermont would logically be the place to start. Vermont woodworkers have a long history of sustainable woodworking, sourcing their wood from our local forests abundant in native hardwoods like maple, oak, ash, cherry and birch. And we avoid the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Vermont's sustainable forests, relying instead on Mother Nature to regenerate after careful selective harvesting.

Non Toxic Furniture Finishes

When it comes to applying a finish to Vermont's furniture, you'll be hard-pressed to find harsh chemicals with high levels of VOCs or formaldehyde. Instead furniture makers use natural linseed oil finishes, clear non-toxic lacquers and even a natural coating made from whey (a recycled byproduct of our dairy industry).

Farm to Table

In Vermont, Farm to Table actually includes organic handcrafted tables, made with local sustainably harvested wood.  Check out the Naked Table project in Woodstock, Vermont for details.  Interested in creating your own organic table?  You'll find projects and workshops on the Naked Table website.  You can even arrange a corporate event for your organization or community.  Find out more about organic tables today!

Buying Mission & Craftsman Style Furniture: Top 3 Tips From Online Shoppers
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Shopping online for top quality Mission, Craftsman and Arts & Crafts Style Furniture can be a daunting task.  Initial google searches are bound to turn up hundreds of furniture companies, styles, price ranges and quality.  But savvy shoppers will focus on a few basic characteristics that they can narrow the field with.  Below our customers share the Top 3 criteria they've used to find the right Mission, Craftsman and Arts & Crafts style furniture for their homes.

mission-craftsman-sideboards Made in America Quality: It Really Does Make a Difference

Furniture that's made in America has several benefits over imported:

  • It's made of legal, sustainably harvested wood from well managed forests.  Many imports are made from illegally harvested wood that's clear cut from the world's precious (and rapidly disappearing) rainforests

  • USA made furniture is crafted by skilled professionals, providing jobs and a good quality of life for craftspeople and American communities

  • High quality, American made hardwood furniture is crafted to the USA's high standards for environmental safety & health.  Families can rest assured there is no lead or or other toxic materials in the paint or coatings used on American made furniture

craftsman-furnitureSolid Wood vs Veneers: Understand the Difference

Both solid woods and veneers can be great materials when used in the proper application.  Although Vermont has a long history of producing solid wood furniture, we know several craftsmen who prefer to incorporate high quality veneers into their designs.  This is done when veneers are the best choice for a particular design, rather than simply the most economical choice.  For instance, the curved back panel of the Copeland Catalina Bed must be a veneer because it would be structurally impossible to build it out of solids.

Legitimate online stores retailing high end wood furniture will explain construction details for each product, including and especially the use of solid woods versus veneers.  We urge you to read through the information presented and call a trained sales representative with your questions.

mission-craftsman-arts-crafts-furnitureMade to Order Furniture vs Manufactured & Warehoused

You've been waiting many years (maybe even decades!) for the perfect set of high quality furniture to grace your home.  Once you've found the furniture you've been dreaming of, can you wait a couple more months to have it handmade especially for you and your family?  If you can, you will be rewarded for your patience!  You'll find there's something about handcrafted furniture that brings your dining room or bedroom alive with warmth and charm.  Custom crafted furniture is worth waiting for.

Explore This Cherry Furniture Sale on Columbus Day!
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Columbus Day is a national holiday! OK so regardless of whether you're honoring Columbus or Native Americans, you're going to have a day off work, and it's all good, right?  Enjoy the day and if shopping for furniture is on your list of activities, here's a fun and easy way to cash in on special Columbus Day sales and savings.

cherry-bedroom-furnitureCherry Bedroom Furniture Sale

Handmade, natural cherry bedroom furniture sets help create a feeling of serenity and relaxation. Check out this American made, real solid wood bedroom furniture that's handcrafted in Vermont.  It's high quality hardwood furniture that can be customized online.

cherry-dining-furnitureCherry Dining Furniture Sale

Entertain your guests in a luxurious setting with elegant, cherry dining furniture, built to order right here in Vermont. This quality, high-end dining room and kitchen furniture is handmade in traditional Shaker-style, Mission or Craftsman-style or modern, contemporary styles.

cherry-office-furnitureCherry Home Office Furniture Sale

Create the office of your dreams and be more productive with beautiful cherry office furniture. Organize your workspace with the desks, file cabinets and bookcases that meet your exact needs and specifications.  Work will be more enjoyable with the furniture you've always dreamed of.

Make Sure It's Real, Solid Cherry Wood!

Don't settle for imported wood that's stained and texturized to look like cherry.  Find the real thing and purchase American made cherry furniture you'll have forever!

Next up: Buying Mission & Craftsman Style Furniture: Top 3 Tips From Online Shoppers

American Made Furniture: Black Friday Sale 2013
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Furniture stores and other retailers have really created such a sense of urgency and drastic savings around Black Friday Sales that you almost feel silly doing holiday shopping on any different day! And we now also have a “Cyber Monday” for those that prefer to skip the lines and traffic and do their bargain hunting online from the comfort of their home or office.
Well at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture, our idea for this years Black Friday savings event was to give you more time… more time to preview our fine wood furniture and more time to shop. Our 8-day Storewide sale is a Thanksgiving Sale, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday sale all in one place! Shop Wednesday November 27 through Wednesday December 4, 2013 to receive 20% off our highest quality, handcrafted bedroom, dining room, living room and home office furniture.
Take your time until then to browse our online fine furniture gallery and preview at your convenience (remember to bookmark your favorite pieces).  Of course our online gallery is available 24/7 so when there’s a break in your potentially hectic schedule you can still easily catch the sale! If you happen to have questions and want to speak to our team, the only days the office will be closed will be Thanksgiving Day and the following Sunday– otherwise we are open 9am-5pm. But knowing our team I am sure someone will give at least a quick check into our emails those days!

So welcome to our fine wood furniture store and Black Friday event. Here's wishing you and your family a relaxing Happy Holiday (to the extent that's possible)!

Where Are The Best Real Solid Wood Dining Tables Made?
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Wood-tablesWood dining tables are our best selling furniture pieces at Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture.  

So why do customers find real, solid wood to be the material of choice for dining room furniture?  You could eat off a glass top table or a metal table or even a plastic table. 

Perhaps people are looking for some authenticity in their lives.  For a direct and natural connection to the earth.  Read more on the Vermont Made Real Wood Furniture blog.

Reclaimed Barnwood Furniture from Vermont
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Reclaimed-barnwood-sinkVermont Woods Studios will be featured in Thursday's edition of the Burlington Free Press.  The article will focus on our reclaimed barnwood furniture made from antique barn boards left by aging New England barns.

I hope you'll check it out on the front page of the Living section on January 26, 2012.  Our friend, reclaimed barnwood furniture expert and fellow woodworker, Raphael Groten will be featured as well.

I think people are starting to see that Vermont truly is the Fine Furniture Capital of America with some 2000+ small furniture makers located throughout the state.  Thanks to  freelance journalist Stephen Mills for helping to spread the word.

Fine Wood Furniture: Is It Sustainable?
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There's so much ground to cover in defining "fine wood furniture" such as style, type of wood used, craftsmanship, type of joinery used, finishing products and techniques, the use of hand tools versus precision machinery, the use of veneers versus solid wood, and of course durability and longevity. 

So I've been opining my way through each area-- well just to generate some discussion really, because I think that would be more valuable than an attempted definition of "fine wood furniture".

But my point is, if you're going to define fine wood furniture, you probably do need to address where it comes from.  Furniture from small companies like Vermont Woods Studios that use American-grown, sustainably-harvested wood and local craftspeople is different than furniture that's made overseas with illegal wood by people paid 25 cents/hour.  It feels different.  It has better "karma".  It makes you feel proud to own it.  You find yourself telling people all about where you got it and how long it took to make and how the joinery is designed, right? 

More about fine wood furniture at Vermont Woods Studios.

Thanks to Clearlake Furniture for the photo of their Rocking Chair

Green Business Success Through Collaboration
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Vwma-collaboration-competitionGreen businesses are our best chance to make America great again.  NGOs (non-governmental organizations) are effective in many ways but they have to be funded by either government or business.  Governments (both state and local) are so big, and bulky and fickle.  They can help, but they're not really providing much leadership these days, are they?

So it seems to me the burden of leading an American renaissance rests squarely on the broad shoulders of business. In Vermont, businesses are small though.  The average business has only a handful of employees.  But that hasn't stopped all of us from trying to change the world... because we have a secret weapon:  collaboration.

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